About The Fold

The Fold was inspired by three identifying characteristics: modern, thoughtful and elevated. In pursuing the MODERN, we look for both established and emerging designers that are current, progressive, and constantly moving the needle forward in the fashion world, appealing to the confident, creative women who think outside of the box when it comes to style. In selecting the THOUGHTFUL, we studied our designers, their sourcing and production methods, and how they use their platforms. Almost all of our designers are NY or LA based, with their product designed and, when possible, made in the US. Many pride themselves on employing locally and in giving back to causes close to their hearts that are significant to us too. In curating the ELEVATED, we seek to bring a certain sophistication, refinement, and discerning style to Omaha. When we say we carry designer clothing and accessories, we mean that there’s more to it than name-recognition; the products are also of the highest quality and meant to be investment pieces in your wardrobe for years to come. We want you to truly love every item you purchase at The Fold, and for it to add value to your life. We are extremely passionate about our carefully selected collection, and we hope that every time you set foot in our blush pink door, or visit us online at shopthefold.com, you find your visit to The Fold to be uniquely inspiring. 



Natalie Navis - Owner + Buyer

Our fearless leader and #hairgoals #stylegoals #makeupgoals #bossladygoals- never leaves the house without her passion, inspiring tenacity, or gorgeous Tibi mules. Natalie goes to endless lengths to make sure you all look and feel fabulous; from her quarterly 7-day grind at market where she curates a beautiful collection of clothing and designers, to spending hours with her clients, never settling until they find something irreplaceable. She loves clothing as much as she loves dogs (which is quite a lot) and is incredibly gifted in expanding your fashion horizons while still making you feel confident. Natalie’s impeccable taste, and compassionate spirit make her synonymous with the store: one of a kind!


CARMEN SMITH - sales + assistant buyer

Our un-official, official GM, and super-official mama bear- will always make you feel like the best version of yourself; on the inside with her empathetic words and no B.S. outlook on life, and on the outside with her impeccable knack for choosing pieces that will make you feel invincible. She is an inspiration to all of us #foldgirls, and always knows where Mercury is (just went direct… phew!). Carmen brings light to The Fold with her wise heart and positive aura that one can only describe as ‘good vibes.’ As Carmen’s Instagram bio says- “be groovy, or leave man.”


AYA ZACHARIAS- Creative + Manager of Ecommerce

Our resident instagram guru and true Aries, she is a free spirit that initiates, instigates + invents while taking immense pride in all her work. Aya has a true knack for styling and instinctively knows how to pair different designers with the diverse nature of our clientele. She has a contagious excitement for the beautiful details in all our pieces and a positive, connective energy with those around her. She could style photo shoots for hours on end without tiring and she’s always in tune with what’s going on in the fashion world by making a conscious effort to study the designers we carry and what’s trending season by season. Never one to shy away from a trend, Aya tries everything once… down to every shade of hair color!



Our human vault of one-liners, and dance moves- constantly comes to our rescue, usually with extra clothing racks or a hug. Angela has an affinity for beautiful vintage pieces, and even better vintage style. She is the physical embodiment of quality assurance, down to the gold filing cabinet in the basement corner. Angela makes sure everything #inthefold is pristine, which translates into your ability to experience the most beautiful aesthetic possible. She has a taste for ALL statement pieces and is surprisingly good at getting you to fall in love with them too.

The hearts of our darling #foldgirls beat so loud, the VEDA girls in New York can hear them.

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