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A Drink with Kaleigh: Natalie's Interview with Kaleigh Weise

I sat down to talk with my dear friend Kaleigh Wiese, the founder of Meldeen, and the brains behind The Fold's branding, logo, and all branding pieces within The Fold. She has recently launched a video series, in which she is interviewing industry pros and entrepreneurs about what is inspiring them and what business hacks they are using to have more successful ventures. While Kaleigh specializes in the wedding industry, she is a true creative with a foot in the fashion industry as well. She was so kind to interview me-- and is probably the only person who can get me to open up about The Fold quite this much. Watch below if you're interested! xo Natalie 

"Fashion forward Natalie Navis took a passion and changed her career path. From practicing law, to diving into the launch of her brick and mortar boutique The Fold, Natalie has taken strides over the last 5 years to throw herself into learning everything she needed to launch a successful business. Several things are certain, this gal follows her guts and has defined her market niche. Her natural ability to help style women, give them confidence and create relationships has been a key factor in her successful first year and a half of business. She walks us through her story, how she has built The Fold brand and how she has defined who her client truly is. Plus hear some 'reset and relax' tips as we lounge at Lake Buchanan for some R&R time."

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