Janessa Leone Sherman - Brown

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An edgy monochromatic take on the classic fedora. The structured fit creates a beautiful modern shape while staying true to the timeless design of Janessa's classic fedora. This effortless piece can easily be worn year-round and is meant for traveling with you wherever you go. PACKABLE STRAW, LIGHT-WEIGHT + DURABLE, UPF 45+

Material: Packable Straw

JL's most innovative design yet- a packable straw, that feels and looks like their Panama Straw. They created this straw with an incredibly durable fiber at its core. You can roll and pack it for up to 1 day and it will return to its original condition.


- Packable Straw
- Brim: 3.5"
- Crown: 3.75"
- 1/2" Leather Band
- Gold screw closure
- Made in the USA
- UPF 35+


55 cm - Small
57 cm - Medium
58 cm - Large
59 cm - Extra large