Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow

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Bamboo replaces synthetic silicones for a silky texture that blends easily. For best results, apply with a Kjaer Weis eye shadow brush. For deeper definition, mist the brush slightly with water, intensifying the application of the shadow. To create the effect of a soft eyeliner, mist the Kjaer Weis Angle Brush and apply along the lash line.

Bamboo : Rich in natural silicone, extremely important in the synthesis of collagen in the connective tissue

Honeysuckle Extract : Antibacterial, nature’s own preservative

Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract : Antioxidant; works as a natural preservative

Produced in Italy

NO artificial ingredients, such as petroleum, parabens, artificial coloring and fragrance, petrochemical emulsifiers

NOT tested on animals

Gluten FREE

The following colors are vegan: Cloud Nine, Earthy Calm, Green Depth, Magnetic, Onyx