Loren Stewart Day Dream Bracelet - 14k Yellow Gold

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Loren Stewart Day Dream Bracelet - 14kt Yellow Gold

  • Assorted Freshwater Pearls & Gemstone Bracelet
  • 6mm Freshwater Pearls
  • 7.5-5mm Dyed Red Nephrite Jade Hearts
  • 2.5mm Tanzanite Leaves
  • 3mm Green Onyx Beads
  • 3mm Blue Topaz Beads
  • 14kt Yellow Gold Closure
  • 7” Length
  • Made in L.A.
  • Materials Globally Sourced

14Kt Gold : 10K gold or 14K gold, each piece is marked or stamped noting the specific karat. Both 10k and 14K gold are beautiful and durable for everyday wear, it scratches less and lives your life with you—be it at the gym, in the shower, or on a date.

Pearls : Freshwater and cultured pearls that are carefully selected for every piece. Each pearl is unique, no two are exactly the same.

Gemstones : Genuine precious and semi-precious gems are sourced from a family-owned lapidary in Jaipur, India as well as from a downtown Los Angeles supplier who are members of the American Gem Trade Association.


"Although our jewelry is fabricated in Los Angeles and Italy, the metals themselves, recycled and newly-mined, may originate from different parts of the world.  We invest in manufacturers and suppliers who communicate with us about their operations and supply chain, so that we have assurances that our metals are consciously sourced.  Whenever possible, we try to get verification that the metals are traceable to suppliers who are certified against international best practices such as the Responsible Jewelry Council." - Loren Stewart