A Letter from our Owner, Natalie

Hello lovely fold girls!

I hope you are all doing well, and feeling optimistic and hopeful after weathering a tough January. As many of you know, I had a difficult January last year with Marni’s illness/ diagnosis of IMHA, so this year I knew I needed to escape as much of January as possible. Thanks to my incredible manager, Carmen, I was able to travel to LA market and spend a couple of weeks working remotely in Florida— fulfilling my dreams of taking Marni to the beach for the first time. I am so incredibly grateful, and happy to say we are back!

Natalie and her mini dachshund, Marni at the beach

Carmen and I will be doing a very quick NY market (3 days!), but otherwise we are busy in store with so much arriving daily. We are excited for fashion month— it’s always fun to be re-inspired! We feel like our Spring 2024 buy is our best yet, and are so excited for all the goodies we have to offer you. I wanted to highlight a few things:                                       

our largest selection of golden goose EVER. sometimes it feels like we’re a GG store— and we don’t mind it!

new brands that we are SO thrilled about: TWP (think incredible shirting, pants and blazers that are MADE IN THE US! if you like brands like Nili Lotan, you will love it)

+ Caddis readers (oh my gosh, these are so fun! in strengths 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, so something for everyone) Golden Goose Collection

expanding our apothecary + beauty section: lots of requests for sun drops, mascara, lipstick from Agent Nateur and other clean beauty lines— a personal passion of mine is this and skincare, so if you want me to walk you through it, I would love to!

a popup coming from a favorite jewelry line that we have been getting a lot of requests for... stay tuned for Dana Rebecca Designs coming this spring!

Apothecary Collection

And of course, amazing collections from all of our go-to brands that you know and love. Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick note and say I’m still here working behind the scenes, even if you don’t see me on the floor as much. I know Carmen, Tiffany, Lea, and Julia are so incredible at helping you all, but should you ever want to make sure I am there to help you out, don’t hesitate to reach out + I will be there.


So looking forward to seeing you all soon!


xx Natalie

Natalie and Marni on the beach


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