Brand Spotlight: Janessa Leoné

About Janessa Leoné

Janessa Leoné was launched in 2013 by Janessa herself. The brand is dedicated to the quality of its products and each item is designed to withstand the test of time. While craftsmanship was the priority for a number of years, Janessa Leoné recently shifted her focus to the consumption problem in the United States. It was then that the brand began to prioritize sustainable practices in the fashion industry, including sourcing and production.

Why We Love It

Janessa Leoné is dedicated to sustainable practices and attention to detail. Janessa says, “Every Janessa Leoné creation prioritizes thoughtful functionality, high-quality materials, and handcrafted construction.” The brand’s priorities also lie in taking great care of their employees, sourcing materials with sustainability in mind, and maintaining high-quality craftsmanship in every piece they produce. 

Product Spotlight

Janessa Leoné’s chic hats and brand mission fall in line with our values to live modern, thoughtful, and elevated lives. Perfect for everyday wear, these pieces add the finishing touch to every outfit, any season. Find your favorite Janessa Leoné hat here

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