Brand Spotlight: Kin The Label

About Kin The Label

Kin the Label was created in 2013 by Sara Brady and Ashley Cornil. The duo started their brand in their garage, and five years later, their brand has expanded to what it is today. Their identity aligns with what we look for when buying for the store - classic and edgy, masculine and feminine, hard and soft lines. 

Why We Love It

Handmade, durable, and timeless. Kin The Label’s playful use of textures make their pieces a wardrobe staple. Their commitment to sustainable manufacturing extends beyond their own work, they spent a lot of time researching and vetting the vendors they partner with. 

Product Spotlight

The perfect marriage of raw and refined elements creates a timeless piece for your wardrobe. Kin The Label’s attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure these hats will stand the test of time. Each hat is complete with an adjustable sweatband to create the perfect fit. *Tip, it’s great for windy days or boating excursions to keep your hat on securely. 

Kin The Label believes that modern luxury should not be defined by a price tag, but rather the process it takes to create the product.

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