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The Fold was inspired by three identifying characteristics: modern, thoughtful, and elevated. We want you to truly love every item you purchase at The Fold, and for it to add value to your life. We are extremely passionate about our carefully selected collection, and we always encourage women to embrace their personal sense of style. Read on to learn more about our unique styling experience, one you will only find at a small business like ours.

Tell us how you got started in styling and built your style blog and wardrobe styling business.

I was working full-time as an attorney when blogging really became a trend. Much like everyone is an influencer on Instagram today, everyone had a blog in 2009. A friend of mine was starting her photography business, and so we collaborated to create content for the blog. After I had been blogging for a while, I decided to expand into wardrobe styling. In the beginning, I just worked with friends, helping them to go through their closets. Eventually, I refined this system and came up with a closet clean-out process. I continued with my blog and wardrobe styling business well into my career in retail, and I love when I have the opportunity to do those things today.

How did you transition that into a storefront?

It wasn’t so much the blog or the wardrobe styling business that helped me open a store. Instead, it was the years of working in designer retail for other boutique owners that gave me the education I needed. Two of the most formative jobs I had were at Standard Style in KC, which is no longer open, and Lola in Fayetteville, which is under different ownership now. Both of these boutiques were light years ahead in terms of the brands they were selling and their approach to their clientele. If I hadn’t learned from them, I would not have had the tools I needed to open my own store.

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What makes The Fold’s shopping experience unique?

Two main reasons: the way we buy, and the way we sell. Carmen, my assistant buyer, and I are extremely precise in the way we buy for The Fold. We really edit the collections down to the best of the best when we are in market. The other reason is how we sell to our clients. We have an extremely personalized approach. Two of my stylists have worked at The Fold for 6 years, and they know our regular clients as well as I do. We spend a lot of time working with our clients and really getting to know them. It’s an ongoing relationship.

How can customers book a styling session?

If you want to have a private shopping appointment at The Fold and work with a specific stylist, all you need to do is contact the shop and schedule!

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What factors do you consider when styling?

What the client is looking for (inspiration photos or descriptions), what their lifestyle is like, what type of budget they’d like to stay within. We want to select items that really make sense for the client, and we never try to sell something that we don’t think they will love to wear.

How do you ensure each outfit is modern, thoughtful, and elevated?

This is really the framework we use when we buy the products in the store— are they modern, thoughtful, and elevated? Once we get the right product in the store, it’s really easy to put it all together in a way that feels fresh. All of our stylists have a different personal style, but we focus on the clients finding their own personal style and that really helps shape the looks we put together.

5 essentials every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Updated denim, a modern blazer or jacket, a high-quality sweater, a top or blouse in a beautiful color or pattern, and a killer pair of boots.

Discovering and embracing your own sense of style is essential conveying confidence. Schedule a personal styling appointment with Natalie or any of the Fold girls by sending us an email at

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