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Natalie Navis opened The Fold in 2016, after she found there was a void of women's advanced contemporary designer clothing in her hometown. Since then, she has been working with her talented team to bring the best designers to Omaha. Building a new storefront for The Fold was a goal for many years for Natalie. Her intention was to push the envelope and continue expanding their unique take on a fashion destination in Omaha, NE. Natalie purposefully chose each detail to design an inviting atmosphere full of creativity and inspiration. The result is an environment that stands out as one of the top stores in the country. Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes take on Natalie’s vision and favorite aspects of the new storefront.

What was on your mood board when designing the store?

Words like elevated, thoughtful, intentional, sophisticated, modern, progressive, fashion-forward, aspirational, beautiful, luxury, cutting edge, and unassumingly cool were focal points when dreaming up the space and creating the mood board. 

Can you give us a glimpse into the process of bringing this beautiful space together?

Because the space was not finished, I had to work with an architect to pull permits, plan infrastructure, and build the shop from the ground up. I worked with Kerri Callahan, of Polymath Design in Chicago. We met via zoom weekly, and she did the architecture and interior design work for the project.

What was your #1 must-have when renovating the space?

When building out the space, I’d say my #1 was a showroom floor that better showcased our merchandise and allowed our clients to shop more easily.

Did you use any special art, wallpaper, or fixtures?

All the fixtures were specifically selected for the space, from the racks on the walls to the light fixtures. My favorite is the art prints from our top 10 brands that Aya designed, and the sign company printed on large acrylic pieces.

What is your favorite space in your new storefront?

Inside the dressing rooms— the wallpaper is only in there and I love it.

Tell us more about the floral arrangement hanging in the store.

One of my clients is a florist and I hired her to do this because she is so talented. I sent her this for inspiration and she took it from there!

How do you want customers to feel in the new space?

I want them to feel like they are shopping in a boutique in a big city, like NY or LA. I want them to feel inspired!

The Fold was inspired by three identifying characteristics: modern, thoughtful, and elevated. Natalie and her team seek to bring a certain sophistication, refinement, and discerning style to Omaha by providing an exceptional collection and styling services that dress you for all occasions. They go to endless lengths to make sure you look and feel fabulous - from their curated selection of designer styles to pairing outfits together for you.

Natalie is extremely passionate about her carefully selected collection and hopes each customer finds every visit to The Fold to be uniquely inspiring. From her quarterly 7-day grind at market where she curates a beautiful collection of clothing, to spending hours with her clients, she ensures each visit to The Fold is exceptional. In her creation of the new space, she furthered this goal and accomplished something imaginative and full of ingenuity.

Have you seen the new store? Open Monday through Saturday from 10-5. Visit the Loveland Centre – 2501 S. 90th Street Suite 109, Omaha, NE 68124. 

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