Building A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

The start of a new season often brings new routines, setting and manifesting new goals, or a shift - like cleaning out your unworn items or updating and elevating your collection of wardrobe essentials. A capsule wardrobe is pared back but never boring, while providing the opportunity to create endless looks and avoid the daily struggle of not knowing what to wear. Acquiring the right pieces like jeans, trousers, boots, sweaters, blazers, and outerwear provides you with a strong foundational wardrobe as the basis for any novelty items you bring in and out depending on the season.

Ahead is a well-curated edit that creates the building blocks for your wardrobe that withstand the test of time.

Tan Sweater

Cream Sweater

Black or Dark Brown Turtleneck

Leather or Vegan Leather Jacket

Black Blazer

Fall Jacket

Leather or Vegan Leather Pant

Wide(r) Leg Denim

Black Boot

Leather Everyday Tote Bag

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